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It is sometimes the smallest detail that sets apart a kitchen design. Choices in appliance finishes, cabinet doors, and backsplash materials are all important because the negligence of hardware and fittings may cause modular kitchen unfinished. Modular kitchens look best with streamlined pulls, and sleek tubular or rectangular options are a perfect complement for these modern style modular kitchens. Knobs are classic and elegant.

They are easy to install and available in a wide range of styles and finishes. They are the most common pulls for kitchen cabinets, so the greater selection provides homeowners with a better chance of finding the ideal style. Knobs use one screw to fix them to the cabinet or drawer, which means fewer holes than handles. Furthermore, knots are easier to install because of that single attachment point. Handles, or pulls, are considered more contemporary, and can therefore give an otherwise outdated kitchen a modern feel. They are easier to operate because one can use entire hand to operate them rather than just fingers. This is why cabinet handles are becoming more popular for the elderly.

Butt hinges are probably the most common type of hinge found around the house to hinge two wooden parts. Rising butt hinges lift the door as it is opened; this means that there need not be a large gap under the door when it is closed. A lightweight hinge can be fixed directly on to the surface without the need to cut a recess. Double action hinges are usually found in commercial premises where a door is required to swing both ways. Tee hinges are generally used on timber sheds etc where the long arm is fitted to the door and the narrow part to the door jamb. They offer little security as the fixing screws are exposed.

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