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Modular Kitchen is a niche industry that has been slowly picking up with demand. It is basically defined as that style of kitchen designing which includes a synchronized arrangement of all the appliances and fittings. It is deemed to be fit in today's scenario where the hectic life makes it difficult to juggle multiple tasks at one time. Modular kitchen includes a range of accessories such as chimneys, sink, microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, shelves, panels, cabinets, trolleys, counter tables, hobs, pantry and corner storage system. A modular kitchen can be an investment starting from Rs 50,000 and can run into lakhs of rupees. The entire investment depends on several factors such as the available space, the kitchen design, brand preference, type and number of kitchen appliances. Hence it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons before placing an order with the manufacturing design. The process of getting a modular kitchen installed at home involves various steps such as the following:

Kitchen Design
Modular Kitchen is available in various designs such as Island type, L-shaped, U-shaped, C-shaped, G-style, straight wall design and parallel counter style. Depending upon one's needs it is imperative to choose the one that suits us the most. If there is enough room, an island design or G-shaped kitchen design can be easily accommodated. One can also experiment with few of these; combine two or more to come up with a new style which is trendy yet efficient.

Appliances Kitchen hardware and fittings is another critical area of consideration that needs thorough analysis. Kitchen appliances range from chimneys, hobs, sinks, shelves, cabinets, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators to pantry. One can choose the most essential ones to design a beautiful kitchen. If the user tries to accommodate more than what is required, he or she will end up creating congestion. Hence it is advised to ignore the unnecessary items. Joinery fittings such as knobs, handles, backlash profile and drawer slides can be designed in steel, brass or copper. Materials such as glass, wood, granite marble are also used for designing modular kitchen.

Brand Preference
Upon the finalization of the appliances, it is utmost important to decide whether the furniture to be designed should be branded or non-branded. If a buyer opts for branded items, he can choose Gilma, Hettich, Godrej Interio, Sleek or IFB. If he is confident to depend on his own skills, he can hire a carpenter to get the designs ready.

Manufacturer's Role
After finalizing the type of furniture a comparative analysis can be made between the best of the available designers to choose one. The experts need to measure the particular premise and draw a chart for the layout along with the specifications of the appliances. Thereafter they place the order for the manufacture of the design and hardware. Usually it may take few days and run into various months depending upon the details. However once this entire set of modular kitchen is ready, the professionals have it delivered to the buyer's home for its installation.
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